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Web / iOS / Android  2016

Create the best shopping experience ever by pairing the benefits of brick-and-mortar shopping with the convenience of shopping online at home. 


Wireframe Design, Functional Behavior Definition + Specification, Art Direction, Site Copy Direction, Product Management Oversight


+ 52%

Average Order Value

- 14%

Checkout Abandonment

+ 78%

Add To Cart Rate

+ 34%

Units Per Transaction


The timeline of this project was aggressive (launched closed beta in 3 months, and then went to 100% one month later) and there was a lot of back-end process and policy stuff to figure out on top of the front-end design work. As a result, I had to maximize efficiency by adopting a lean UX approach to wireframing. 

Instead of wireframing the experience across all 3 platforms (web, iOS, Android) and writing detailed functional annotations, I created a single set of wireframes and communicated all functional details via weekly tech walkthroughs. I went with mobile web as it has the same feature richness of desktop web, yet the same real estate constraints of our mobile apps. 

Designing the full end-to-end experience across a single platform was crucial to our ability to identify the full scope and complexities of this project, and doing so for mobile web specifically helped reduce the number of unforeseen design challenges during detailed visual design. 

Wireframes & Lean UX

+ 327%

Demand Per Session

+ 151%

Checkout Starts


Net Promoter Score

+ 178%

E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Web Visual Design

iOS Visual Design

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Android Visual Design


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